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iShowU Studio 2 Quickstart


QuickStart to iShowU Studio 2

This video provides a quick introduction to iShowU Studio 2. In this video you'll see how to:

  • Capture a window, by holding 'Option' while moving the mouse over that window
  • Add animated images 
  • Add text, including fade in/out transtions
  • Crop to limit what is shown
  • Export the result to disk


Text version of above video

OK, lets get right into it.

Find the application download, open it and double click to start.

If prompted to continue the Trial do so. I'm using a registered version here, so you won't see that dialog in this video.

So, here we are at what's called the settings dialog. It lets you chose what to capture. It's basically point and shoot. Choose and area, choose a microphone (if you want), and then click 'record'. Now you're recording!

<pause> I'll just record a bit from "photos", for this demo. To stop recording, press CMD-Shift-2, or right use the menu bar at the top, and choose 'Stop recording'.

A quick rundown of the interface:

  1. The timeline is below. That's where all your edits to the video go.
  2. Properties for all objects are on the right. As are transitions, media in the project and project info.
  3. You can click the tabs to change, or use shortcuts

We'll do a quick edit, then share the video, so you can quickly see an end-to-end workflow.

I'm going to crop to just inside the google earth viewer. I don't want the outter "border" of the app.
Next I'll add a simple title, "Welcome to New Zealand" (have to promote our country, right?). <pause>.

I'll make it smaller by reducing the font size.... <pause>.You can see it's easy to reposition the objct where you want it.

Lets add some transitions to make it fade in and out. One on the <pause>, and nother on the right.

OK. I'll play this back. ... to have a look. Good.
I want to move the text so it starts about the same time as the zoom. I stopped the playhead near the zoom, so I just pickup the text and move it there. Now I'll remove the first few seconds of the recording, using trime. Drag the left trim bar. Release. Now it's looking better!

My last edit will be adding a logo. You can do this with movies or pictures. Just drag it over the scene, and set it's position, size and properties as you like. In this case I'm going to make it slightly transparent, and then also make it animate both in and out of the scene using transitions.

To shorted it I just drag the right edges of the text and movie, to remove the "pause" at the end.


  1. With those edits done, lets share this.
  2. Go to File | Export, or press CMD-E.
  3. Choose H264 and 100%. The 200/150% options are only useful if you've got retina footage, which in this case, I don't.



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