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Bye bye "advanced features coupons"


What's this all about then?

iShowU Instant has an Advanced Features in-app-purcahse, which unlocks a bunch of cool functionality.

When you purchased it at our store, the "unlock" was done by sending you a coupon that allowed you to get it at 100% off (so, for free) within the app. It was messy, confusing and plain .... silly.

I'm happy to say it's also now a thing of the past, buried and hopefully never to be seen again.

As of Sept 2017 we've updated all existing customers with new license codes. These look something like this:



A Brave New World

Usage of activation codes replaces the old coupon method as of 18th September 2017.

Activation/Unlocking is now far, far simpler:

  1. To activate the main app, use the license key you received for it at time of purchase.
  2. To unlock Advanced Features, use your new iShowU Instant Advanced Features license key (which was emailed to you).   See this article.


Full Instructions

Here's a walkthrough, upgrading an existing "coupon based" iShowU Instant manually.

In essence all I'm doing is activating the new key. Just as if I'd just purchased Advanced Features.


I've lost my Keys

No idea what the keys are?  Easy, get them using our Lost Key page.


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