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Like in iMovie, the most important decision here is the aspect ratio.

If for example I recorded my previous footage in 16:9 (1280x720), then I need to choose a 16:9 ratio here as well.

Choosing the right aspect ratio in iDVD

For Best Results

The very best (clearest) results are obtained by using footage that is exactly the size of your intended output, all the way through your entire workflow.  If I intend to output in 960x540, then I should create an iDVD project of this size, and the movies/footage used in this project should also be of this size. Ideally I would have recorded 960x540 footage at 1:1 from iShowU as well.

The best result will be achieved if you match the capture area, output movie size. In iShowU HD, there are presets for iMovie that will work well with iDVD.

  1. Choose the iShowU HD iMovie preset that best matches your iDVD Project
  2. Click the gear icon next to the Choose menu (in the toolbar), and select "make same size as output movie"

This will result in minimal (hopefully none!) scaling of the final video.

We've also captured full screen Apple Animation into iDVD 08, and it came out fine. Well, where "fine" means we could make out what was on screen. Some people would have though the quality was "bad", because the content had to be scaled down.  It all depends on what it is your capturing.  If you're capturing video, then scaling isn't that much of an issue.  If you're capturing text and you want people to be able to read the desktop icon labels, menus and so on then you'll need to be mindful of scaling issues.

To ensure good quality, make sure you use a codec with minimal compression (JPEG for 10.7+ users, Apple Intermediate, Apple Animation for 10.5 and 10.6 users). The reason being that iDVD will need to encode and compress your imported video to MPEG-2 format for playback on DVD players. You wouldn't want to use a heavy compression codec such as H.264 or MPEG-4 and then import to iDVD to convert the video to MPEG-2 as this may introduce additional artifacting.

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