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Creating a very small movie


If you want to make the SMALLEST movie possible, follow these steps (you will need Stomp).

iShowU HD

  1. Setup your capture area to grab what you want.
  2. Set the movie to be 2/3rds the size of the capture area, using the Gear dropdown menu which is on the toolbar above Output video. This will reduce the visible movie size, but the text should still be legible.
  3. Set the video framerate to be 4 frames per second.  This is low, yes, but less frames equals a smaller movie.
  4. Set the video to be Apple Intermediate.  This will produce a nice clean file that we can compress using Stomp.
  5. Set the audio to be AAC. It is likely this already. While you can go into the advanced panel and reduce the audio rate, there's probably not much point. You might save a couple of MB, but normally audio is the least of your space concerns.
  6. iShowU_HD_Pro_-_Capture_for_web-1.jpg

  7. To check - the summary on the gray bar just above where the recordings go should read "Video Size: (width x height), (Video: Apple Intermediate Codec, 4fps, AAC 44100 khz, 2 channels)".

Now, do your recording. And then get this recording into Stomp (dragging it there is a good option).

Within Stomp:

  1. Select H264 as the compression format.
  2. By default it's set to a quality level of 64.  You can go lower if you want a smaller file, but you'll do so at the expense of visual quality.
  3. Make sure your new movie is selected in Stomp, then click the Process button.
  4. Optional:If you want a smaller file, reduce the quality of the H264 process. Click the "Settings..." button in Stomp (next to the "recompress video" drop down) and then lower the quality. Try 50 or lower if you dare! It's really up to you (or rather, what you think your viewers will be happy with).

Summary of what you've done

You've created a slightly scaled movie, with a very low frame rate. It'll be good for showing something from the desktop where you're explaining as you go.  The movie has been recorded using a compression method that doesn't "loose" quality, so when you compress it it'll compress very well.

In Stomp, you've chosen the best compression method currently available (as of March 2009).  Stomp is already configured to perform the best compression it can (at a reasonable visual quality) and it'll also setup the video so that if you stick it on the web it can start playing immediately (known as streaming).

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