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Why is port 8000 in use?


The Reason we use port 8000

iShowU (and here I mean both iShowU Classic (v1), HD and HD Pro) use port 8000 to communicate with a helper app that's shipped with both products.  This helper app performs a number of functions on behalf of the main app such as audio multiplexing, thumbnailing, etc.

In most cases, you won't need to know about this, or bother about it at all. It's completely transparent. If however you've a need to put something else on port 8000 then you'll likely be wanting to know how to change it.

Changing the port number

  1. While you cannot change the port number from within the iShowU application, you can change it. You need to use Terminal. It's very simple though.  Fire up a new Terminal session and paste in the following:
  2. defaults write com.shinywhitebox.SWBQuicktimeProcess minimumPortNumber 8020

  3. This will tell iShowU to start opening ports at 8020. By default, iShowU will try from 8020 - 9020. If it can't open 8020, it'll try 8021, and so on. If you want to limit or otherwise change this behavior, you can also set a maximumPortNumber.  maximumPortNumber must be greater than the minimum port number (otherwise it's ignored). Here's an example limiting the maximum port to just 50 above minimum port.
  4. defaults write com.shinywhitebox.SWBQuicktimeProcess maximumPortNumber 8070

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