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Final video output appears "fuzzy"


Capture size ratios and scaling

If you apply any scaling whatsoever to your captured video, there will be some degree of blurriness or fuzziness since pixels will shift to compensate for the different output size.

Make sure that your "Capture Area" size and your  "Output Video" size are the same. (Your recording at a 1 to 1 ratio). To do this simply:

  1. Set your capture area (what you want to capture) and then choose the Same as capture size option from the gear dropdown just above Output video in the toolbar.
  2. same_capture_size.png

  3. Verify this by opening your Performance monitor in iShowU HD/Pro and reviewing your settings by pressing "Shift+Option+Command+P" to bring it up. Or go into your iShowU HD menu and click "View" and select "Show Performance Monitor..."
  4. performance_monitor_1to1.jpg

  5. In your Performance monitor check Task: and verify that your Output Area dimensions match your Capture Area dimensions.

Compression Type and Quality

Please check your Compressor Quality settings. For certain codecs such as H.264, Jpeg Video or ProRes, you have the ability to set the quality via the slider.


As a general rule, the higher your "Quality" rate, the better your video will look and will yield a larger file size. Conversely, the opposite is true; the lower your "Quality" rate is results in lower file size. 


When using Apple Animation, if set to "Best" or 100% it is lossless. Any number or setting below that and quality will begin to degrade. (0%-99%)

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    Genesis CNC

    My Videos are fuzzy and I cannot figure out why?

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