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How to capture Skype


iShowU classic, iShowU HD, and iShowU HD Pro are perfectly suited for recording video Skype conversations or other video chat over IP.  Please refer to the following steps to get you started.

  1. Make sure that both Microphone and Application/System audio capture is turned on in iShowU.
  2. iShowU V1

    iShowU HD / HD Pro


  3. Set Skype audio so that it's output goes to the Soundflower 2ch.
  4. skypesettings.png

Important Note: Test your Skype recording settings ahead of time!

It is advisable to test your recording settings ahead of any conversations you want to record to ensure you're able to capture both Microphone audio (your voice) and Application audio (Skype's audio / your caller) properly. Skype has a call testing service/echo in your contacts list to do this.

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