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Crash Recovery (only for OSX 10.6)


In the unfortunate event of an iShowU HD crash, or if a recording "goes bad", iShowU HD can perform a recovery.  Normally this process is entirely automatic, but if it's not doing what you expect, you can attempt a forced recovery using the following process.

This process is valid for movies recorded with iShowU HD / iShowU HD Pro under Leopard / Snow Leopard only.  There is unfortunately no recording recovery solution for OS X 10.7+.

  1. For this process, begin with iShowU HD closed. That is, iShowU HD should not be running.
  2. You should ensure you are using the latest build of the product. 
  3. Backup the folder /Users/username/Movies/iShowU HD (the folder where movies are saved). Keep this safe. The next stage of this process involves deleting files, which is why you should do a backup.
  4. Inside the /Users/username/Movies/iShowU HD folder you may have a bunch of files, and a Temporary folder. Delete all the movies, but leave Temporary folder alone. Don't delete the Temporary folder.
  5. At this point you should have an almost empty/Users/username/Movies/iShowU HD folder. It should contain no movies, and a Temporary folder. Inside the temporary folder should be a bunch of files (these are the files we're going to recover).

  6. Delete the /Users/username/Library/Application and the Support/iShowUHD/iShowURecordings.xml file.
  7. Start iShowU HD.

The recovery process should now start.

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