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Do I need iShowU HD?


Of course you do!  OK, seriously ...

iShowU HD is a complete ground up re-write of the original iShowU.  It comes in HD and HD Pro versions, the later providing watermarking, keyboard compositing, better audio support and more Final Cut presets (see the feature comparison).

Over v1, the most important features are: Faster realtime encoding, on the fly GPU based scaling, watermarking, iSight / USB camera usage and uploading to video platforms (Blip.TV and YouTube at the time of writing).

Can I use it?

iShowU HD uses a bunch of neat features and so runs on OSX 10.5 and above. On top of that it uses some reasonably new graphics card features.

Why would I want to use it?

While we can't answer this fully (we're not you!) we would suggest:

  1. You want to show your users what keys you're pressing.  HD Pro is the one for you.
  2. You've got company logos and so on that you want to overlay onto your recordings without having to do so later on (and go through a length encode process).  Again, HD Pro is for you.
  3. You want to personalize your screen capture.  Use your iSight!
  4. You like having the latest new and whizy tools!
  5. You need discrete audio channel recording (so you can fix stuff ups in tools like Soundtrack Pro). HD Pro records all channels separately.
  6. You want to capture web pages (tall windows...). See the "Slide" mouse mode and the video explaining it all.

How do I buy it?

If you're an existing user you can get a discount on HD or HD Pro at the webstore. Just go to the purchase page, and then click on the upgrades tab. Log in, and the available upgrades will be shown to you. Add to your cart as normal, and you're away!

To see how to upgrade click here

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