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I can't record audio!


The usual suspects

Usually the reason is that the application playing the audio isn't doing so to the Soundflower 2ch device.

The fix is normally to either:

  1. Go to the applications preferences (Skype is a good example of this) and change it's output to be the Soundflower 2ch device.
  2. If the application doesn't contain preferences for this (VLC is a good example here) then stop the application, and start it again after you've started iShowU.  It's important that the "record computer audio" checkbox is selected.

More Troubleshooting Steps

Here's some more things you can try:

  1. Check that the volume level on the Soundflower 2ch device (both Output and Input) is not zero. You can check this inside the Sound Preferences, within System Preferences.
  2. With iShowU running, and record computer audio enabled, play some music from iTunes and check that there is activity on the Input within the Sound preferences.

    Make sure you've selected the Soundflower (2ch) device when you check this:
  3. With iShowU running - and record computer audio enabled, play some music from iTunes. Does the system sound level meter witin iShowU show activity? If so you should also hear audio. If you don't get this far it's time to send a support request to us at Watch a video that shows this process.
  4. Does your application have way to route audio directly to the Soundflower 2ch device? Some applications do, some don't. If your application does, please configure it so that it is playing audio to Soundflower 2ch.

Note from Neil about Realplayer:

It does not appear that RealPlayer is compatible with Soundflower.  While iTunes (and others) are quite happy to play through Soundflower, RealPlayer is not.  On top of that it doesn't provide a way to force the output to Soundflower (so really, I cannot see what it's trying to do).  As yet I have no workaround for this program.

Note on VLC:

It requires a restart with iShowU already running to pick up the correct audio device.

iShowU records computer audio using the Soundflower 2ch "device".  It's not really a device - think of it more or less as a pipe.  What goes into SF2ch comes out the other end.  So, if you play audio into the SF2ch device then you see it come out the other end (what is known as the input. Yes, we're aware this may twist your brain).

So the flow of audio is:

  1. An application (e.g: iTunes) makes some noise -> Soundflower 2ch
  2. SF 2ch (output) is piped to SF 2ch (input)
  3. iShowU records SF2ch (input)

At the same time, iShowU pipes the audio to the audio device that was selected as your default output before you checked the "record computer audio" option, so that you can hear what's going on.

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  • Avatar

    Thanks, this helped -- with Itunes it worked. haven't tested yet to see if it will work with audacity (which is what I was using).



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    On Macos 10.5, I tried recording a video with photobooth . No sound at all ?!!!! No preferences in Photobooth !!

    I had the idea  to open ISHOWU and check "record audio" (with  AUDIO INPUT = "internal microphone" in my preferences)

    Then restart photobooth and record my video .

    And now it's ok, my video in photobooth has got sound ! 


  • Avatar

    I can't get this to work with the iPhone Simulator. The input level shows activity with iTunes and even the volume up and down buttons but as soon as I try to capture video and audio from the Simulator the level does not move and iShowU HD does not capture the audio. Please advise

  • Avatar
    Arnold Brownridge

    I ran all of these tests and I cannot get it to record audio when using "gotomeeting" webinar software.

  • Avatar

    This is so frustrating. We still can not record audio from the iPhone Simulator. Why does this not work? Soundflower is set up correctly as is iShowU. In fact, everything else records the audio fine just not when using the Simulator which is the only reason we need this software. It has worked once before but never again. Please let us know how to get this working on a consistent basis. Thanks!

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    Great very god tutorial man tnhak you!

  • Avatar
    Sonja J. Bauman Nicholson

    Did everything above. Now I cannot hear the video I am attempting to capture. When I change back to the Mac's internal speakers, I can hear the video, but iShowU fails to capture its audio. Now what??

  • Avatar

    Its frustrating, yep. 

    Tried to record audio from Google Chrome. Sometimes it does and sometimes doesnt, dont know why. 

    And have no idea what to do to record audio from Skype. ¿Soundflower input and output? ¿Sure? It didnt work at all.

    I have Mountain Lion OS, maybe this is the problem. 


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    Helen Green

    I also want to record sound for my computer, and finally I use a tool, Tenorshare iGetting Audio, it is so helpful for me. I get it from

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