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When asking for help, what should I include?


If you need help with iShowU Instant, have a look at this article instead. 

I can't get the application to work!

When you can't get an application to work, it's understandable that you might send it a help request with "aaaaarg!  it doesn't work" as the subject line.

For us to help you effectively, we usually need a little bit more information than that.

Here's some tips on how you can help us help you:

  1. Let us know what you're trying to do.    Do you want to get footage into iMovie? Record full screen?
  2. What size is the movie you're trying to record?  Is it full screen (your desktop)? Or small (say, 640 x 480).
  3. For iShowU HD / Pro users - what is your output movie? HD can capture at a different size to the output movie, but it's the later that's important. To find this out, look at the summary bar just above where the recordings go. You want the bit that says something like "Video size: 1280 x 720...".
  4. What compression method are you using? Common methods are ProRes, H.264 and JPEG.
  5. What kind of machine do you have? G4? Intel?1GB RAM? More?
  6. Sending us a screenshot can also be a good way to communicate this info (as long as, er, it's actually IN the screenshot).

Sending Crash Logs:

If the machine you're using isn't on the internet, it's going to be difficult to submit crash logs automatically. In this case, you can find them using the Console applications (it's in Applications/Utilities).

For information on how to find crash logs click here

Here's how you can find them quickly:

After you've loaded a crash log, you can then use the Reveal in Finder option to bring up the folder that they are in. From here you can then more easily drag all of the iShowU HD (or other app - we're using iShowU HD as an example here) crash logs directly into an email, or save them to a USB stick for transfer to a machine that's on the net. Send these to with a brief description of the problem.

That'll help us lots!

For Lion Users:

Differences when running on Lion/ Mountain Lion

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    Josh Rappaport

    Hi. I just want some info about watermarks. Is it true that watermarks serve two purposes? 1)  A watermark that goes across an entire image or video sort of mars the image or video clip so that no one else will want to use it?  2)  On the other hand, a tastefully created watermark, located in an out-of-the-way location, can identify the producer of the image or video, and in this way it can serve the purpose of advertising the company that created the file. 

    Are watermarks actually used for the second purpose? The reason I'm asking is that I'm planning on making a series of educational screencasts on math, and I'd like to put the name of my publishing company on every video, for advertising purposes. Seems like using a watermark might be a good way to do this, but I wanted to check with you first before I invest the time, energy and money. 

    On that same point, when you make a watermark, do you have control over what font and size you use? Do you have any control over what color the watermark appears in? Or is it always just white? I'm asking because I'd like to use the branded font of my publishing company. Finally, can you take a logo that's a tiff or jpg, etc., and make that into a watermark, too. I'm asking because I'd like to use my logo in the watermark, if it would look good. 


    Thanks for your help. I have purchased iShowU, and am wondering if I should upgrade to the Pro version. If so, what's the cost of the upgrade?



    —  Josh Rappaport


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    Reid, Eric G.

    I am just trying to update a request for help; I cant get stomp to load on my mac; it just quits.  I gave a more cogent description in my prior email.


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    Mariana Cajiao Reina

    I want to know how to make my mouse invisible. Please help, email me to or reply.

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