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What is Soundflower?


iShowU HD Pro and iShowU v1 use a third party driver called Soundflower to record Application Audio. Soundflower is a piece of software that lets us record audio being played from the system.

We'd love it if Apple had made it so that we (as developers) can record audio from an application, or from the computer itself but unfortunately and for whatever reason there is no API to do this.

You can think of Soundflower as a pipe. Whatever goes in one end comes out the other.  In this case we're talking about audio. Whatever audio is played to the Soundflower 2ch output appears on the Soundflower 2ch input. 

So to record audio, iShowU does the following:

  1. 1

    It looks to see what you have the Sound Output set to, and remembers this. 

  2. 2

    It changes the Default Sound Output to the Soundflower 2ch device.  You can see this if after starting iShowU and enabling "record computer audio" you then examine the Output tab in the Sound preferences. 

  3. 3

    iShowU itself plays the audio it's hearing on the Soundflower 2ch device to the device that it saw in Step (1) above, otherwise you'd not be able to hear anything. 

  4. 4

    Finally, iShowU records the sound coming from the Soundflower 2ch device.

How can I tell if I have Soundflower installed?

If you go into your System Preferences under Sound, it should be present in your Input as well as your Output tabs.

"Input" properties for the Soundflower2ch device

I can't install Soundflower from the application.

Please check out this article

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  • Avatar
    Ryan Sullivan

    So you must be doing some audio work in the background so we can hear the audio and so iShowU can hear it.


    Would you guys consider releasing that audio functionality as a 5 or 10$ download as an "Audio control panel" type of thing?

  • Avatar

    Soundflower wont download on my mac.....what do i do?!?

  • Avatar
    luke crane

    i'm with RevenAqua... soundflower will not download on my machine

  • Avatar
    Ryan Hatch

    I agree with Ryan...releasing an audio control panel or something like that would be very valuable.  I would gladly pay extra for that sort of flexibility.


    Thanks for the great work!

  • Avatar
    Guy Ouellette

    Soundflower won't download. This seems to be a general problem. Any solution to this?

  • Avatar
    Michael Crouch

    Soundflower wouldn't load on my Mac w/ 10.5.8, so I upgraded to 10.6 Snow Leopard, to see if that helped, with no difference.  I have 2 tickets into swb's "support" box in somewhere in Australia, I suppose is what passes for "support" now, and haven't heard a thing in 2 days.  Guy Ouelette-- did you ever hear anything?  Anyone here?  It's like we've been thrown down a cave or that they cashed our checks.

  • Avatar
    Guy Ouellette

    Yes i got an answer, with a link to reinstal. It worked for me. Here it is:


    Can you please try reinstalling the driver using the following instructions? (

  • Avatar
    Chris Richard

    I run SL 10.6.2 on Mac Pro. The download at the above link does not work.The above link fails on Intel Mac Pro running OS10.6.2.


    I see issues on the soundflower pages that haven't been addressed since November 2009. Is there anyone watching the Soundflower project anymore? It doesn't appear to be well maintained.

    It's a pain in the neck to find correct info for projects on Google to begin with. Google systems suck. I wish they would get serious, put it on Sourceforge. I hope someone else takes this project over, or at least they get more people involved. They obviously aren't keeping up.

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