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Unlocking & Registration



To unlock your software you will need to enter your email address and shinywhitebox store password that you used at the time of your purchase. When you first open your software application it will prompt you to purchase, unlock, or run in demo mode.

If you purchase via the shinywhitebox store – we create an account for you on our system so that you can get instant access to your purchase history and retrieve lost unlock keys.

Apple AppStore

The AppStore handles all activations based on your AppleID. This is completely independent of software purchased and downloaded from the shinywhitebox website store.

To reiterate, users who have purchased from the Apple Store will be unable to unlock software purchased from the shinywhitebox website.

Internet activation

  1. Please make sure you're unlocking the correct product iShowU HD/HD Pro has a purple icon, where iShowU v1/classic has a blue icon.
  2. Please double click on the disk image file, and drag the software icon into your Applications folder to install and you can double-click to launch it from there.
  3. Click on the “Unlock ..."  button that appears in the first dialog, then enter your email address and password (these are the login details you setup when you purchased from us).
  4. iShowU.png

  5. Click on the “Unlock ..."  button that appears in the first dialog, then enter your email address and password (these are the login details you setup when you purchased from us).
  6. Unlock_iShowU.png

  7. When prompted to select "All Users" or "This User" you can select either one.  We recommend that you select "This User" because it doesn't require admin rights. 
  8. Digitizer.png

What if my machine isn't connected to the internet?

In case your Mac cannot contact our server, for each software application you purchased we emailed you a single keyfile. Please follow the steps outlined on the following page.

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  • Avatar

    How do I download and unlock stomp? I just bought it. Please, I've spent over an hour trying to figure it out.

    Mark Cornell

  • Avatar
    Bohdan Zachary

    THIS DOESN'T WORK for me either. Maddening how much time I waste trying to unlock what I paid for!

  • Avatar
    Robert Bullen

    Make sure you're not using your license key. Use the password you created when purchasing

  • Avatar

    I can't bear this, I can't unlock it and the replys are soooo slow and the email supports are all wrong so now.. I have to request help again which takes like 2 days which it says it would take 24 hours!

  • Avatar

    This is ridiculous. I purchased iShowU Studio through a bundle (Creatable), paid for the bundle, got an email with a serial number but that doesn't work. Came to iShowU Studio's site (shinywhitebox), tried to sign up but their Sign Up button simply doesn't work, at all, does absolutely nothing. So, signed up through my google account (hence wasn't asked for a password within shinywhitebox) and, after all that, still don't have a way to unlock iShowU Studio. For a company that claims to write "great software for Mac", the user experience you provide is pathetic at best. Not only I will not use iShowU Studio but will go out of my way to recommend to all my colleagues NOT to use it or any other product from shinywhitebox. First impressions count - A LOT - and yours was terrible.

  • Avatar

    Oh, and I'm still waiting for my verification email.

  • Avatar
    Glyn Williams

    I purchased the same bundle and have the self same problems. The process of trying to work out what e mail is relevant is ridiculously difficult and I have given up as I cant waste any more time trying to get something to work. I know what e mail i use and I know what password I did with shinywhitebox as i have a password manager. Can I unlock!!! Nope - Hopeless

  • Avatar
    Robert Bullen

    Hi can you please send a support request through to and we will get it sorted

  • Avatar
    Lansing Dimon

    The same thing they've all said, and it's almost two years since the first comment. Come on! Good product, but just to get the damn license key is a science fair project!!!!

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