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Where is my software order?


I just placed my order, why don't I have it yet?

  1. Check your spam or junk mail folders as it may have landed there. The email containing the download and registration information will be sent to the email you created when signing up for an account.
  2. Email is unfortunately not a guaranteed protocol and while in most cases, receiving a registration code is instantaneous, other times it might take longer. If you haven't received your code within 24 hours, and it was indeed a credit card transaction with either DPS or PayPal please contact us and we can help get it sorted.
  3. Please check to see if it was an eCheck transaction. If you purchased the software using a PayPal eCheck then it will take 3-5 days for it to clear. Once it clears, they will send a notification to our server, which in turn will send an email to you containing the download and registration instructions.

To get a registration code immediately:

There are a couple of options (both require you to cancel the PayPal eCheck payment). You can then either:

  1. Use PayPal again, but do an instant payment. This may require you signing up to PayPal.
  2. Use our DPS payment gateways.
  3. Both of the above options will get you a code within 5m of completing the transaction. The last option is to simply wait for the PayPal eCheck to clear. They will send notification to our server when that happens, and the code will be automatically sent to you.


shinywhitebox is an online company. All of our products are downloaded from our store. We don't ship anything nor do we provide a hard copy of the software. All updates can be downloaded from the Shinywhitebox store.

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