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How To Record GoToMeeting With iShowU HD


To record GoToMeeting with iShowU HD:

  1. Open GoToMeeting
  2. Open iShowU HD
  3. Click Application audio in iShowU HD
  4. In the GoTo Meeting interface select the soundflower(2ch) as the output.
  5. You should hear the audio from GoToMeeting straight away.
  6. Select your screen size etc the same as normal and press record.
  7. Once finished open the video, you should be able to hear and see the webinar.

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    Aharon Charnov

    I have upgraded to iShowU Studio 2 and now cannot record sound or video from a GoTo meeting. Sound levels were showing up before I het record. Once I hit record they stopped working. An hour later, when I hit stop recording, it hadn't even done a screen capture. Any thought on how to defeat this?

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