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iShowU Studio 1 Quickstart Videos


The iShowU Studio Quickstart is aimed at introducing the app and its layout to both new and existing users. This series covers the basics of editing as well as touching on a couple of more advanced features such as freeze-frame and pan/zoom.

The videos are available both in our iShowU Video Tutorials section on the blog and also as a playlist on YouTube.

Here’s a brief synopsis of each:

Part 1 - Introduction

What iShowU Studio “is” and a quick tour of the UI. I also covered basic insertion of shapes.

Part 2 - Basic Editing

How to select objects, multiple selection, lasso dragging, delete, trim and region cut

Part 3 - Properties & Visualization 

Modifying the look of objects and using mouse & keyboard visualizers 

Part 4 - Advanced Editing

Introduction to Pan/Zoom & Freeze Frame, an also freezing using an audio insert. Examples of all of these are included in the video.

Part 5 - Sharing

How to share as a QuickTime file, sharing to YouTube and also authentication with YouTube via oAuth.

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