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OCP discontinued as of 1st of Dec 2014


What happened?

You might be here as a result of trying to access a video previously hosted by shinywhitebox. Sorry, but the file you're after is no longer hosted by us.

One Click Publishing, the video hosting service from shinywhitebox, has closed.  The main reason being that I want shinywhitebox to focus on software development rather than being spread thin across both dev & services.  

This change affected the OCP hosting service only

The closure of One Click Publishing doesn't mean shinywhitebox is going away. We'll continue to develop products for Mac. The closure of OCP has no effect on content published to YouTube, Vimeo or Blip.TV.

OCP was fun to write, and a good idea at the time, but I think there are more (and better) video services available now than there were when we originally put OCP into production.  Being a small company we need to be careful about what we devote our time to. So I’ve made the (hard) decision to focus on product development rather than service hosting.

I’d like to take the time to thank those of you who provided feedback and positive comments regarding OCP, it meant a lot!

I’m personally sorry to see it go. I think there's a bunch of cool stuff that we could do with it, but from a business perspective SWB needs to focus on its core strength: software development.  So, onwards and upwards!

What does this mean for shinywhitebox?

It means:

  1. We’re still alive :) Hurrah!
  2. We’re still developing software!  Huzzah!
SWB isn’t dead. Far from it. I’m working on a new version of the original product, at the same time thinking about what useful things could be done with a few million iPhones (along with every other developer on the planet, no doubt). 
Present ideas include taking the capture tech from Studio and using that to create a new realtime product, but retaining the super-fast ease of use.  The idea is to capitalize on the speed of the new engine.  I’m trying to think of some other funky things we can do at the same time :)

What happened to my videos?

The service itself, and the Amazon S3 backend, were disabled on 1st Dec 2014. We will keep the files around for a few weeks, but shortly after that they will be deleted. 


We will delete all video content from our servers shortly after the 1st Dec 2014. 

What about my existing YouTube/Vimeo/Blip.TV video?

The simple answer is “nothing”. Only the videos that you host via will disappear.  
It will remain possible to upload to YouTube / Vimeo / Blip from within the app. It’s only the shinywhitebox specific OCP Service that’s changing.

What happens to my outstanding credits?

Customers who have:

  1. Purchased hosting credits and;
  2. Have credit balances in excess of 100 credits (the amount gifted to each account on creation) 

will be offered a refund equal to the dollar value of those credits, or given a hefty discount option on our products.


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