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I am unable to compress 'AVC Coding' content...



  • Stomp looks like it is processing, but nothing happens; or
  • Stomp processes the video file, but you get audio only at the end. There's no video (it's just black, or completely empty).

In addition: while Stomp doesn't compress the file - Quicktime 7 may well be able to.


From what research I have done, this often appears to be because the source file is damaged.  


Open up Stomp Preferences, and go to the General tab.

Make sure that the option "When reading source movie, step through based on it's FPS" is enabled.

You must have version 1.29.2 or later for this option to exist.


For those of you interested why:

Stomp reads video files frame by frame. When it steps forward, it doesn't just step forward by a fixed amount of time. Rather, it asks Quicktime to tell it what the "next interesting time" is.  This way, if the movie has widely spaced frames, Stomp will be faster and it'll only process those frames that actually exist.

The workaround is to simply step forward by a fixed amount (1/fps) of time, and see if we have a new frame at that location. It's a little more inefficient, but works around movies with this fault.

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