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What are Advanced Features in iShowU Instant?


Advanced Features (not to be confused with Advanced mode) are a set of extra features in iShowU Instant that require an additional In-App purchase to use. You do not have to purchase Advanced Features to use the basic functionality of iShowU Instant, and you can purchase Advanced Features at any point once you have purchased iShowU Instant. For more information on purchasing Advanced Features, see this article.

If you have not purchased Advanced Features but you are about to start a recording that uses them, a warning symbol will appear at the bottom of the window and clicking it and then clicking Show will show you which Advanced Features you currently have configured. You can then disable the Advanced Features or choose to leave them enabled, although doing so will cause a watermark to appear in your finished recording.

Advanced features include:

  • Recording from an iOS device
  • Audio filters (Dynamics, Compressor, Graphic EQ)
  • Showing the mouse click name
  • Showing the number of mouse clicks
  • Showing modifier keys of mouse clicks
  • Showing key presses next to the mouse cursor
  • Only showing the last key pressed
  • Forcing key presses to uppercase
  • Removing duplicate key presses
  • Adding text and image watermarks to the recording
  • Encoding the recording as Apple ProRes 4444 or 422
  • Audio channel layouts greater than Stereo
  • Editing a finished recording

If none of that makes any sense to you, then don't worry; you probably don't need Advanced Features. If you do want some of the features on the list then see this article for information on how to purchase Advanced Features.

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