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How can I restore my Advanced Features purchase?


If you've moved or replaced the computer you originally purchased Advanced Features on, or if you've deleted and reinstalled iShowU Instant, you will need to restore your Advanced Features purchase.

First, make sure that you've activated iShowU Instant with your license code. If you've forgotten this then follow the instructions in this article.

To restore your Advanced Features purchase all you need is access to the email address you used to originally purchase Advanced Features.

      1. Open iShowU Instant and select Restore In-App Purchases from the main app menu.
      2. Enter the email address you used to originally used to purchase Advanced Features and click Restore Purchases.
      3. Check your email to find an email from Paddle containing a code.
      4. Enter the code in the app and click Continue.
      5. Select Redeem purchase Advanced Features and you're done!
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