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iShowU Audio Capture kext install problems


KEXTs got you down? Try this:

A few users have reported problems loading the iShowU Audio Capture driver.

Below I've listed things that I've tried here, and also things that other users have tried that have worked for them. It seems that the kext loading can be temperamental. 

There's no special order of the items other than trying to put easier "fix" methods first.

* Shut down apps

I've had one user report: "I found that it absolutely is necessary to shut down Chrome while running the install. That is, I tried clicking the Allow button in the Security pane with Chrome running, that failed, then killed Chrome, and clicking the button worked."

So, quit all running apps, and try again.  Even if it doesn't work, it's the quickest of all methods below, so worth trying in case it does help.

* Disable apps that capture and forward mouse events

Apps like MagicPrefs, xGestures (there are more, click link below)


* Change Permissions


"I had a similar problem on 10.13 and it turned out the system was checking permissions on the copy of the kext inside /Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Extension not the one inside /Library/Extensions and for some reason it would not sync the two. This staging of kext's is part of the new kext consent "feature" added to High Sierra. You will need to boot to recovery mode or another OS to remove the bad copy in /Library/StagedExtension since it seems to be protected by SIP."

* Uninstall, clear the KextPolicy, Reinstall

  • Uninstall the drive using /Applications/Uninstall iShowU Audio Capture
  • Login using Recovery Mode (reboot, hold down CMD-R)
  • sqlite3 /private/var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy
    • delete from kext_policy where team_id='PMJ275ZTUX'
    • quit
  • Reboot
  • Download driver
  • Install driver
  • Click 'Allow', then enable all KEXTs again
  • Reboot

* Reset your KEXT loading completely

Follow my "Uninstall, clear KextPolicy, reboot, install" attempt above. This'll require you to uninstall the driver, then go to recovery mode and clear the KextPolicy entries.

  • When you do get into sqlite3, it will be ok to do:
    • delete from kext_policy;
  • The above will delete all confirmed / "Allowed" kexts. When you next reboot, you can just enable them all again.
  • The ; is important, it's part of SQL syntax. You'll need it. 

Useful Commands / Things to Know

  • 'Recovery Mode' is entered by rebooting and holding CMD-R
  • From
    • sqlite3 /private/var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy
      • On my system, when in recovery, I had to do:
      • cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD
      • cd var/db/System
      • ../../usr/bin/sqlite3 SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy 
      • (because it seems recovery mode doesn't mount the root fs, so you have to do sqllite3 and know where the db is, relative to your actual root fs, which for me is /Volumes/Macintosh HD


* Other ideas (untested)

What I have not tried (and this is mentioned in are the spctl kext-consent commands. For me, nothing shows up.

When I do spctl kext-consent list. I get back:

> spctl: no kext consent configuration found.

I don't yet know if this is related to the problem.


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