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How to record Virtual Piano



iShowU HD & HD Pro have tight integration with Virtual Piano, allowing you to easily record sessions without having to manually position the recording area and setup audio settings.  

Anyone can use the demo version of iShowU HD To record up to one minute of video for free, without the "iShowU HD Preview" watermark appearing in the video. 

Of course registered users have no limitation at all, and can record sessions of any length. 


If you haven't got iShowU HD yet, follow the instructions over here to do so. Once you've got it installed, continue reading.

How do I use it?

To record:

  1. Click the "record" link on Virtual Piano. This will start iShowU HD if it's not already running, and will automatically bring up the capture area editor. This lets you confirm the capture area placement.
  2. Press the RETURN key to begin recording (press ESC to cancel and not record anything). A countdown will appear. When the countdown disappears, you're recording!

To stop recording:

Press CMD-Shift-2, or go to the menu bar and select "Stop recording" from the iShowU HD menu bar item.

What if I want to record more?

If you want to record for longer than one minute, you need to purchase a license. You can use either iShowU HD or HD Pro, either will work fine.  Check out the iShowU HD product page for a comparison of the two.

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