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Mavericks mouse fix: a workaround for a possible crash bug in iShowU


We're currently chasing a bug causing crashing. There's a workaround to the problem in the meantime:

It requires entering a couple of commands in Terminal.

Note: the 'killall cfprefsd' is required to make sure the previous command 'sticks'. If you don't do this, sometimes the setting isn't picked up by the app, resulting in continued crashing.

For: iShowU

  1. defaults write com.tcdc.digitizer useMavericksMouseFix 1

  2. killall cfprefsd (watch on YouTube)


For: iShowU HD / HD Pro

An alternative for iShowU HD: You can enable this fix from the preferences. The option is called "Composite the mouse curses ourselves (mavericks AVFoundation fix).

Alternative method, using terminal:

  1. defaults write com.shinywhitebox.iShowUHD useMavericksMouseFix 1

  2. killall cfprefsd (watch on YouTube)



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