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Recording Audio using a Cable (ProTools / Logic)


In some cases, it's not possible to record audio using Soundflower (that's what is used when you check the "record computer audio" option in iShowU HD).

  1. The application doesn't support it (RealPlayer)
  2. You're using Logic, or ProTools - and don't want to (or can't in the case of ProTools) change the project so it sends its output to the Soundflower 2ch device.

Solution - Use a cable

A way around this is to use a cable to route the audio back into the mac, and record it as though it were a microphone.  This requires of course that you are playing your audio mix back to an outboard audio device, such as a mbox.

  1. Make an audio connection from the mixer back to the Mac.  This could be a SPDIF or 3.5mm Jack > headphone type connection.  Either way, you want to get the output of the entire mix back into the Mac.
  2. Have iShowU HD record that device.  SPDIF or Built-in Line In, depending on the type of physical connection you make.

This method has the advantage that a you don't have to muck about with project settings to get the app to play sound to the Soundflower device and It also means you get to use the mixer as ... a mixer, and can adjust your mix accordingly and record the final output.

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