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Advanced Features - not working after purchase



NOTE: This is relevant for people who have purchased iShowU Instant Advanced Features, yet it doesn't activate or show up (i.e: you still get the warning symbol).

Firstly, apologies for the problem, and no,  you're not going mad. There is a problem.  We're working on it. In the meantime:

Instructions for Fix


The temporary fix is to use the version of iShowU Instant (1.1.9) above, along with the supplied .pskr file.

For those who prefer video, here is a video walkthrough.

  1. Open the downloaded v1.1.9 dmg file and place iShowU Instance somewhere accessible (the Desktop, for example)
  2. Double click the Instant Advanced Features file.  You will see a new file, 9AF667D8-4A1C-4758-B6A9-12A42EF6B372.pskr
  3. Go to ~/Library/Application Support/iShowU Instant/
    1. Open Finder
    2. Press CMD-Shift-G
    3. Paste in the above path, including the ~ symbol
  4. You should see: 
  5. Copy the 9AF667D8-4A1C-4758-B6A9-12A42EF6B372.pskr file to this folder, so your contents looks like this:


Now run the new iShowU Instant (v1.1.9). You should now be up and running!


We are working with Paddle on a permanent fix. 

I hope this gets you productive.




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