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Getting help with iShowU Instant


If iShowU Instant crashes or isn't behaving as you think it should then you should get in touch with shinywhitebox support, but in order for us to be able to help you, there are a few pieces of information you will need to provide us.

The basics

For us to be able to help you effectively we need to know exactly what the problem is; just saying "it doesn't work" doesn't provide enough details for us to help you. When contacting support, please provide the answers to the following questions:

  1. What did you do? What action did you perform when the crash/error/unexpected result happened? e.g. "I launched the app" or "I switched to Advanced mode, added a watermark, and pressed record". Being as detailed as possible will help us fix the problem as quick as possible.
  2. What did you expect to happen? This may be obvious, but it's still useful to know. e.g. "I expected a recording to start".
  3. What actually happened? This is where you describe the crash/error/unexpected result. e.g. "The app crashed" or "The recording worked but there was no audio".
  4. Does it happen every time? If you do the same thing does the problem still occur?

The error

If you get an error while using iShowU Instant you may be presented with a dialog like the one shown below.

In this case, you can click Send to Support and a bunch of information about the app and what you were doing will be automatically generated and added to an email to send to us (as shown below). Even though there is a lot of information here, it is still important to include the basics listed above.

Extra information

If you didn't get an error dialog, then you can still generate the same extra information by selecting Send Information to Support from the Help menu.

Crash logs

If the app crashed (you'll notice this by the app unexpectedly quitting) then it would be really helpful to send us the crash log. You can find crash logs by opening Finder, pressing ⇧⌘G, typing ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports, pressing Go, and looking for a file containing "iShowU Instant" and the date and time that the crash occurred.

Contacting us

Once you have the relevant information you can contact us by either creating a new support ticket via this website, or by emailing When do you either of these, don't forget to include any error information or crash logs.

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