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Getting started with iShowU Instant



For more tutorial videos on how to use iShowU Instant, check out our How-to video series.

Step-by-step guide

So you've just got hold of iShowU Instant, great! Let's jump right in and create your first recording.

      1. Start the app by double-clicking on the iShowU Instant icon.
      2. If the trial box comes up, just click Continue Trial.
      3. Updates are a good thing, so check for those automatically by clicking Check Automatically.
      4. So the first thing is to choose what to record. To record another app, click Application Window, then just click on the app window you wish to record. Easy!
      5. When you're recording the screen you're generally explaining something, so recording the mic is good idea; tick Record microphone and select your microphone in the drop down list.
      6. You can record audio from other apps; you just need to install a driver. We've covered that in a separate video.
      7. The only thing to do now is press record!
      8. When you're done, stop the recording by pressing ⌘⇧2 or by clicking on the iShowU menu item and selecting Stop Recording. iShowU Instant will open the new recording file in QuickTime. That's it! You're done!

What's next?

  • Check out our How-to video series. This will introduce you to more of the settings/customization, advanced mode, sharing, iOS recording, and more.
  • Have a read of the iShowU Instant FAQ for answers to any questions you may have.
  • Ready to remove the trial watermark and purchase a license? Take a look at our purchase guide.
  • To get the most out of using iShowU Instant, visit our tips page for easy ways to improve your recordings.
  • If you need support with anything, follow the instructions here and we'll do our best to help.
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    Hi Neil,

    This is not a criticism but the only thing wrong with your introductory video is not making how to stop recording the video clear enough. It makes better sense from the written material and you should either explain the short cut keys for this and display them in your video because it isn't apparent to a beginner of the program.



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