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iShowU Instant how-to videos


We've created some videos explaining some concepts that we thought could do with some more in depth explanations and showing you how to use them.

These are also easily browsed as a YouTube playlist.

  1. 1. The difference between Basic & Advanced mode

    The differences between Basic and Advanced modes in the iShowU Instant UI: what each mode is, when you should use it, and how the "basic" preset works.

  2. 2. Enabling & using the camera

    How to enable the camera, how to position the camera, and how to toggle between camera states while recording.

  3. 3. Selecting the area to record

    How to make sure that you record just the area of the screen that you want to. This video covers the three select area modes as well as different ways to get your selection just right.

  4. 4. Customizing the output filename

    Want to use something different than See how in this video explaining how to customize the filenames of your recordings.

  5. 5. Sharing Options

    How to use sharing from both Basic and Advanced modes. This video also covers opening finished recordings with other apps.

  6. 6. Recording iOS devices

    This video shows what steps are required to record directly from your iOS device (Advanced Features required).

  7. 7. Recent Recordings

    This video describes where recordings go when completed, and shows how to initiate editing and sharing.

  8. 8. Audio Filters

    This video covers the built-in audio filters and gives a basic tutorial on improving microphone sound quality (Advanced Features required).

  9. 9. Editing shortcuts

    Get more done, more quickly, by using the built-in editing shortcuts in editing mode (Advanced Features required).

  10. 10. Cyan Advanced Features 'warning'

    Wondered what that blue/cyan coloured warning is all about? This video tells you!

  11. 11. Yellow Accessibility Features 'warning'

    Wondered what the yellow warning is next to the record button? Find out in this video!

  12. 12. Editing, Trim from left/right of a recording

    Quick demo of how to use left/right trim, and also how to cut a region from the middle of a video

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