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Sound of of sync when importing into Adobe Premiere


It seems Premiere is "special" (cough). I have no idea why, but it really doesn't seem to like movies that are recorded in realtime. Other apps, such as QTX and FCP are fine with it.

If you encounter sound that is out of sync when importing into Adobe Premiere, please try one of the following:


  1. For existing recordings - re-encode the video. You can do this from the dropdown menu of recent recordings.Reencode_Video_in_Instant.png
  2. For future recordings, enable the 'fix frame durations after recording' flag in the Output tab of iShowU Instant.Fix_Frame_Durations_in_Instant.png
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    Jakob Æbeløe Kjøller

    Hmm, after re-encoding it seems to work.


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