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Reinstalling Soundflower


If you can't get Soundflower to work, or a Soundflower upgrade has failed, the best thing to do is reinstall the driver. It doesn't take long to do, and normally fixes the problem. First you need to uninstall (and reboot), second step is to install the latest driver.

You must uninstall existing versions first:

If you've an existing version installed, this must be uninstalled and a reboot performed before you install a new versions. Failure to do this will likely cause the reinstall to fail silently.

Get the latest soundflower driver

Download the latest driver. See notes below:

  1. Leopard, or Snow Leopard: get the latest from here: google soudflower code
  2. Get_SF_latest_version.png

  3. For PPC machines running Tiger: You must use version 1.2.1.

Uninstall Soundflower

  1. Open up the downloaded DMG file, and run the script highlighted below. This will remove the existing driver.
  2. Download soudflower

  3. Reboot - This part is important You must ensure that the driver is unloaded correctly, and rebooting will ensure this. Failing to do this part can result in update / installation problems (i.e: the next bit can fail).

Install the new driver

  1. Open up the DMG for the installer (the one you just downloaded)
  2. Soundflower run installer

  3. Install Soundflower. If you are prompted to restart the machine, please do so.
  4. Check System Preferences, Sound, Output. You should see this:

    Sound output system prefernces

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