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Installing Soundflower


What is Soundflower?

Soundflower is an extension to OSX used by iShowU (and various other apps) to record audio from your computer. Shinywhitebox recommends Soundflower version 1.6.6b.

iShowU Studio Users: In iShowU Studio, Soundflower has been replaced by iShowU Audio Capture. We recommend installing this new driver.

Install the new driver

      1. The first step is to Download version Soundflower 1.6.6b.
      2. Find the installer. It's probably in your Downloads folder.
      3. Open up the DMG for the installer (the one you just downloaded)

        Soundflower run installer

      4. Run the Soundflower package installer by double clicking it and following through the prompts. If you are prompted to restart the machine, please do so (this step is important).
      5. Check System Preferences | Sound | Output. You should a new device called Soundflower 2ch:

        Sound output system prefernces

I can't open the Soundflower Installer Package!!!

  1. If you receive a message like the following:
  2. Fear not. There is a very simple solution. Instead of double clicking to open the Soundflower package installer, hold down the 'alt / option' key, right click and select Open. This will prompt you if you want to open it, rather than simply refusing to do so.  Here's an example:
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