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What's the difference between Basic and Advanced mode?


Basic mode

When you first open iShowU Instant it will be in Basic mode. Basic mode presents a very small interface with the bare minimum of controls required for day to day use. If you want to configure some of the more advanced options for your recording, you can switch in to Advanced mode.

Advanced mode

Advanced mode (not to be confused with Advanced Features) presents all of the controls, grouped into six sections: Video, Audio, Timer, Visuals, Output, and Sharing, as well as the ability to create and modify recording presets, including the Basic preset.

The Basic preset

You may have noticed that in Advanced mode, one of the presets has a Basic label; this preset is the one that will be used when you start a recording in Basic mode.

The idea is that you can use Advanced mode to set up or change the preset to your liking and then switch back to Basic mode if you would prefer to look at a smaller, cleaner UI for making your recordings.

Switching modes

You can easily switch between Basic and Advanced mode by clicking the buttons at the top of window. Alternatively you can use the menu items or the keyboard shortcuts ⌘[ and ⌘].

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