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Enabling accessibility access in iShowU Instant


In order for iShowU Instant to visualize mouse clicks and key presses accessibility access has to be enabled. If you have enabled a feature that requires accessibility access you will get a warning at the bottom of the screen telling you so.

Features that require accessibility access are:

  • Animating mouse clicks
  • Showing the mouse click name
  • Showing the number of mouse clicks
  • Showing modifier keys of mouse clicks
  • Showing key presses next to the mouse cursor
  • Making a sound on mouse click
  • Visualizing key presses

To enable accessibility access, perform the following steps:

      1. Open the Security & Privacy section of System Preferences and click on Accessibility. You can also click the Open Prefs button in the iShowU Instant notification shown above.
      2. Click the lock in the bottom left corner; this will require entering an administrator password.
      3. Check the box next to iShowU Instant.
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