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iShowU Instant privacy policy


By default iShowU Instant performs statistics collection; meaning that it sends us some information about your computer and how you used iShowU Instant. This information is anonymized) meaning that we can't identify any individual user from it) and non-personal (meaning that it doesn't contain any personal or private information). This information is sent using Paddle; you can view their privacy policy at

This information is used to help us understand who is using iShowU Instant and how they are using it. For example, if we can see that a lot of users are using the Animated GIF feature we might spend more time improving that feature.

If you wish to disable statistics collection, you can do so by opening the iShowU Instant Preferences and unticking the Enable statistics collection check box.

Information included in the statistics collection includes:

  • When the app is launched or updated
  • Which version of the app is being used
  • Which version of OS X is being used
  • Which type of device the app is being used on (e.g. iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini etc.)
  • The number and type of CPUs in your computer
  • The type of GPU in your computer
  • The amount of RAM in your computer
  • Which city, region, and country you are located in (where available)
  • Which language your computer is set to
  • The resolution and depth of the screens connected to your computer
  • The names and number of channels of the audio devices connected to your machine
  • The names of the iOS devices connected to your computer
  • Whether you are using the app as a trial or not
  • Which mode you start recording in
  • The amount of time spent in each mode (Basic and Advanced)
  • Which sharing services you use (just the names of the services e.g. "YouTube")
  • Whether you record from a camera, and what size the camera is
  • The number of presets you have
  • The duration of your recordings
  • Whether you use certain Advanced Features (e.g. sound on mouse click)
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