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License Migration - why / what / how


Why is this happening?

I'm updaing our licensing SDK... one of those things that needs to be done as time goes on.

However; during license migration, the Paddle "system" (what we use for licensing) will loose the Advanced Features license. This means that anyone who purchased iShowU Advanced Features would find their app no longer registered. Not cool. If you want more details read my rant below.

What do I do?

Pretty simple really.

  1. If you have the standard version of iShowU Instant. Just click on 'Standard', and all will be fine
  2. If you have purchased Advanced Features; click 'Standard + Advanced'. All *should* be fine, but read on in case it isn't.

This is what you should see:


Stop and admire the unicorns for a while. It's relaxing :)

For those with Advanced Features

  1. iShowU Instant as of v1.4.0+, before upgrading its license; will nicely prompt to tell you its going to do so.
  2. During migration, t'll do a web lookup to see if you've got an Advanced Features license. If you have; it'll download it and register the product for you.
  3. If all goes well; you click OK on the dialog; and you're done.

Thing is; there's some ways this might go wrong.

Possible Issues & Solutions

  1. Cannot find license: The lookup uses both your license and currently registered email address. If you registered your AF license using a different email address, then we won't find it. In that case, try the Lost key page:

Oh. Wait. That's it :)

Generally if there's a problem, use the Lost Key page above to get your existing license. Re-register the app, and you're done.  

The manual solution

Worst case scenario, the automatic migration doesn't work. 

Use the Lost Key page ( to get your keys.

When you've got them; re-enter your license keys (unlock the app first if necessary). See this article for details on the ordering.

Annoying, I know.  I've tried to make it seamless, but its nice to know there's a manual workaround if required... right?

Rant mode (background)

Rant: enabled.

It's mid 2020, and Paddle (our payment provider) still can't write a decent API.

From 'v3' to 'v4' of their provided software; they broke licensing pretty badly.

The problem: During migration, it loose the license. Anyone who purchased iShowU Advanced Features would find their app no longer registered. Not great.   

Worse than that - it doesn't give me a way to even know if an Advanced Features license is present; so I have to assume "maybe" and put up an annoying dialog. That or just request you uninstall/reinstall the app (no kidding - that's their suggested soloution).

After 4-6 months of trying to get them to fix it; I received the response "we won't be fixing it - we recommend you ask your users to uninstall and reinstall the app". Sigh. What kind of "user experience" is that? Grrr.

Rant: disabled


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