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What's the difference between my shinywhitebox and my Paddle account?


Your shinywhitebox account is used to manage your purchases and activate your licenses for Stomp, iShowU, and iShowU HD/Pro. When these products were purchased, a username and password would have been created for you to use when logging in to the store, as well as to activate your license for any of the above products.

When we released iShowU Instant we partnered with Paddle to provide an easier purchasing and licensing system. With Paddle you don't have to create an account to purchase or unlock iShowU Instant; you can purchase online and be sent a license key which you can use to activate (and re-activate) your copy of the app. Paddle do provide the option to create an account, which allows you to view your previous purchases and license keys.

We recently upgraded iShowU Studio to use Paddle as well; existing users should have received an email containing their new license key. For more information see this article.

In summary:

shinywhitebox account Paddle account
Used for Stomp, iShowU, iShowU HD/Pro Used for iShowU Instant and iShowU Studio
Account required Account optional
Activate app via username and password Activate app via license key
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