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iShowU Studio 2 - Getting Started


This article will take you through:

  • Various ways to change / set the capture area
  • Adding objects to the scene
  • Trimming the front (or back) of the project
  • Sharing a region/selection of the project


Capture area

From the settings window, click "Select area...".
This lets you choose what you will record. It doesn't have to be full screen ... you can choose any area on any display.

  • You can press 1/2/3 or 4 to quickly choose common web sizes.
  • Hold the Option key and drag the mouse to select windows under the mouse.
  • Or simply press 'C' to clear the selection and draw one of your choice.
  • You can resize and reposition exactly using the cursor keys.

Adding shapes

Use this to highlight areas of your recording to viewers.

  • Place the timeline where you want the shape to show up
  • Click the appropriate shape in the toolbar (shortcuts work here too)
  • Drag it out.
  • You can reposition it within the scene, and you can also change how long it'll be visible, down in the timeline. 


Very easy method of cutting off footage that you don't want, from the front or end of your project.

  • Press CMD-0 to zoom, or fit, the project to the timeline
  • Grab the trim handle (they are on the left/right when zoomed out) and move it.
  • Release.

Share a little

Say you want to share just a portion of your project. e.g: you're rendering a small part to show someone, for review.

  • Press CMD-Shift-E (see File | Export Region...).
  • Select the range to export
  • Press Enter
  • Now select the export options. We'll choose 50%, and 264.
  • Done!


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    Karen Cooper-Johnston

    The movie was helpful but I would have preferred the registration code so I could get started!!! I have entered a support ticket but am still waiting.

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