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How to set the capture area


Step-by-step guide to setting a Capture Area

You've just downloaded iShowU Studio 2, great! Let's jump right in and create your first recording.

  1. We'll begin by assuming you're looking at the settings dialog. This lets you choose what to record.  Press the Select Area button to begin choosing what to record.
  2. To record just the window of an app, move the mouse cursor over it and press the OPTION key (see the notes at the top of the screen).   Here, we've chosen the built-in chess game.
  3. When you're recording the screen you're usually explaining something, so recording the mic is good idea; select your microphone in the drop down list.
  4. You can record audio from other apps; you just need to install a driver. We've covered that in a separate video.
  5. The only thing to do now is press record!
  6. When you're done, stop the recording by pressing ⌘⇧2 (if you've enabled accessibility) or by clicking on the iShowU Studio 2 menu item and selecting Stop Recording. iShowU Studio will open a new recording project window. That's it! From here you can save, edit and share the composition.


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