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iShowU Studio 2 - M1


Mac M1

Status: iShowU Studio 2, builds 2.3.1 and later, are natively compiled for the new Mac M1.

Capture performance is awesome. I couldn't perceive any system impact while capturing full screen @ 3840x1600.  Great! 

Encoding (composition) performance exceeds that of an an 2020 Intel iMac with AMD 5700.  


Q: Is the app compatible with the new mac M1?

Yes. Studio2, as of build 2.3.1 and later is built for the M1.

Q: How fast is it?

Performance exceeds that of an 2020 Intel iMac with AMD 5700 (my other development machine).

In testing; I had the app running up to 120fps internally. That's 120fps while compositing & encoding. All using 6MP frames. If I were capturing something smaller; theoretical performance would be much higher. 



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    Ben Pham

    where can i download this version for the new m1 macbook air

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    Neil Clayton
  • Avatar
    Ben Pham

    also how do you download this kext thing
    because this allow button still wont show itself

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