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iShowU HD/Pro Shortcuts


Shortcuts can fail to work for a couple of reasons. Please check the appropriate sections below.

Assitive Devices

  1. "Enable access for assitive devices" must be enabled in the Accessibility pane of System Preferences.


  2. If this is enabled, but shortcuts still don't work, please check your keyboard layout. If it's set to any non-unicode layout see if you can change it to a unicode variant. If not, try setting it to English. And then back again to your desired layout. Restart iShowU HD and see if shortcuts now work (we did this with a customer and it worked).
  3. Shortcut Assignment

  4. It might be that iShowU has made a mistake (has a bug, gasp!). Click the Edit menu and check that the shortcut has been assigned correctly. The shortcut on the menu should match the one in preferences.


  5. Here is an example showing the shortcut setup correctly in preferences, but not showing up in iShowU HD.  This was from a previous build in HD that had a bug, but serves to illustrate what we're suggesting you check. This has been fixed in iShowU HD v2.1.1+.If this is what is happening for you, simply upgrade to the latest version of iShowU HD.


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