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iShowU Studio 1 Tutorial - how to use iShowU Studio


If you would like to learn iShowU Studio, please download the project files and follow this comprehensive tutorial.   

Scroll below the video to see a "contents" transcript. Use this to find specific information without having to watch the whole video.


Follow Along Video

Video Transcript

00.10 Welcome to iShowU Studio, this is the follow along video to help you get familiar with the App
00.15 In this video we will be covering tools and features of the app to
00.20 give you a comprehensive understanding of how the software works. In this folder
00.25 you should see a sample project, the title image, the screenshots from the App itself
00.30 this follow along video, and a final video
00.35 You can open the final video now and see what the sample project will look like once its finished.
00.40 Or you can simply follow the instructions in this video.
00.45 So the first thing we need to do is install iShowU Studio, open the package
00.50 click on the .dmg folder to open and drag to the Applications folder
00.55 this shouldn't take too long, once this has been completed select
01.00 the how to upload a video to YouTube file
01.05 and double click on that, that will open iShowU Studio with the file
01.10 once here you will see the video track
01.15 and we can drag the playhead to scrub through the timeline to have
01.20 a look at the video we have, so the first thing that we're going to do
01.25 is to tell someone to open an internet browser.
01.30 Move the playhead to just before the internet browser opens
01.35 click the Text icon, open the properties panel.
01.40 In the properties panel you can enter your text,
01.45 so you're telling the enduser to click on an internet browser to open a new window
02.00 Click the scale slider an move that to resize the object
02.05 click the object itself to position it where you want it, so once you've
02.10 positioned your text object and changed the size
02.15 you can then scrub the playhead to just before the internet browser opens
02.20 then you can adjust the duration of the text object
02.25 to make it fit the scene
02.30 So make some final adjustments
02.35 And that should be quite good
02.40 Then we're gonna add some more text at the top
02.45 again in the properties window
02.50 type in what you want the user to
02.55 enter into the address bar
03.00 Then adjust the size using the scale slider again
03.05 and the position by dragging the text object
03.10 Now add an arrow to point to the position where they need
03.15 to click the mouse, adjust the positions of the
03.20 objects and you can customise the objects in the properties window
03.25 Change the line width of the arrow
03.30 and then look at the
03.35 duration of the objects in the timeline itself
03.40 so we'll adjust the duration of the arrow sod they can see the drop down menu
03.45 if it appears, so now we're gonna add a pan/zoom
03.50 this is when the screen zooms into a specific point you have
03.55 identified in your timeline, so to adjust the pan/zoom
04.00 click on the second point on the interface, then drag your screen
04.05 to the position you want it to be
04.10 So the next step
04.15 is to add a rectangle object, we're gonna place this over the button
04.20 to 'upload'
04.25 this just gives more focus to where you want your end user to click
04.30 in the scene.
04.40 and then in the properties panel we can obviously adjust that with the size of the line
04.45 You can take sown the stroke size which is the outline of the box
04.50 and then we can do some small adjustments in there, we can
04.55 also put in an arrow
05.00 really illustrating where we want them to click
05.05 and then some text
05.10 so now you can adjust
05.15 the position and the scale of the text object
05.20 within your scene, and then what we're gonna do is
05.25 we're gonna customise the text object with colours so you can
05.30 select the foreground, and change the colour of that
05.40 You can also reduce the size of the shadow making it a bit clearer,
05.45 and then the background, so the background is a gradient, we select
05.50 the first side of the gradient and adjust the opacity and then we select the second side of the gradient and again we
05.55 adjust the opacity. You can also adjust the shades and the colour of the background to make
06.00 the text object stand out. we're gonna add in
06.05 another pan/zoom in here,
06.10 so remember you select the second point on the interface and
06.15 then you position the screen where you want the zoom to be, right so we'll play that back
06.20 we should see all of those things coming in
06.30 so the next step is to login into youtube, so we're gonna use more text
06.35 telling them to login
06.40 adjust your text object
06.45 to the position you require and then select the background
06.50 adjust the opacity , select the other side of the gradient for the background
06.55 and again adjust the opacity
07.00 you can select a reflection
07.05 or select etched text, this will give a nice effect
07.10 to the text object.
07.15 You can adjust your background colours
07.20 and choose which ever colour you like, again as a gradient you need to adjust
07.25 both sides.
07.30 After you finish the background, select the
07.35 border radius and adjust this to give a nice curve to your corners,
07.40 now we're gonna add another arrow
07.50 and again with the arrow or any shapes you will notice that you can
07.55 change the face colour, the stroke colour
08.00 backgrounds and shadows and everything else that's in the properties panel, which I'm
08.05 sure you'll play with once you get through this video
08.15 right so we'll just adjust these slightly
08.20 so that it looks right
08.40 Down here we're gonna fade out the arrow
08.45 so in the properties panel once you've clicked the object
08.50 you change the 'fade out' or 'fade to'
08.55 100% to 0% I'll show you in more detail
09.00 soon.
09.05 right, next part, obviously they're gonna need to upload a video
09.10 so get another box, or another rectangle object
09.15 and add it where we want them to click
09.20 an arrow
09.25 some text
10.05 just adjust those to fine tune where you want them to start and finish
10.15 now in the fade, you click '0' to fade in, 0 to 100% over
10.20 a duration and it's exactly the same with the fade out
10.25 click to 0, 100% to 0
10.30 and you change the duration, so now they should fade in and fade out
10.45 right, select the video
10.50 so we're putting in an arrow and text
10.55 again, exactly the same as before, in the
11.00 properties panel you put in the text
11.10 have a look at where they start and finish, adjust
11.15 the durations if needed
11.30 so that's quite short, so what we're going to do is zoom in on the timeline
11.35 you'll notice there's a plus and minus magnifying glass
11.40 and that way it gives you more control over fine tuning those adjustments
11.45 and that's still very short do we're are gonna add a 'freeze frame'
11.50 on the freeze frame you can adjust the duration with the slider then you click add
11.55 and that will put in a, however long your duration was,
12.00 so a one second freeze frame
12.05 over the entire clip, over the entire timeline
12.10 so it gives you just a little bit more time to explain that step, or explain what you're doing
12.20 so, to the next bit
12.25 obviously we're gonna click the button to upload or
12.30 add, so we need a rectangle object
12.35 over the button. Adjust the size and the
12.40 stroke of that rectangle object to make it look a bit nicer
12.45 adjust the corners, fine tune it
12.50 we're gonna add another arrow
12.55 and some more text
13.05 add a pan/zoom
13.10 exactly the same as before, move to the second position adjust your
13.15 screen to where you want the zoom to finish
13.20 at the start we can watch that and see how it looks
13.25 so the duration of the objects are a little bit long, the scene behind the objects
13.30 is changing before the objects change, so lets adjust those to just
13.35 before that drop down window disappears
13.40 so we're adjusting all the object top fade out
13.45 or disappear at the same time that the screen moves
14.05 so another arrow to the next step, you can put in whatever words you want
14.10 obviously, you can have step one through to seven or however many steps it is
14.15 and you can put titles on the top, or headings on the top as soon as those
14.20 steps appear. For this we actually, we're trying to do it reasonably simply and just trying
14.25 to give you an idea of what you can do with the software
14.35 so arrow and text again
14.50 It's a long title so I'm gonna adjust the durations of those objects
14.55 to make it look a little bit nicer
15.00 Now with this
15.05 you can copy and paste objects, it's especially beneficial
15.10 if you have adjusted your backgrounds, your gradients
15.15 your colours, it just means that everything will loo the same
15.20 and it's actually quite a handy feature to have
15.25 to be able to just copy and paste the objects, and then what ever text you put in it will stay with the same background
15.30 and gradient and borders and things,
15.35 it will just be the text that changes
16.10 Once again we copy and paste,
16.20 Change the words
16.45 Change the category
16.50 so more text,
16.55 more arrows, they're probably the main things you will use
17.00 Cos most of the time you are just trying to describe a process
17.05 or how to do something
17.10 So obviously text and arrows are really handy
17.20 Last step, is sharing on social media
17.25 so we need to again, copy and paste, change the position
17.30 durations of your objects
17.35 change the text
17.55 make some final adjustments
18.05 And that's it
18.10 you've completed the first video, now we can actually
18.15 add titles to both ends, so if we scrub right back to the start
18.20 then if you click file, 'add media'
18.25 you'll see, in the package folder, that there is an image file
18.30 so click on that, and choose, and that will open into the timeline
18.35 and you want to 'select all' then press shift and click
18.40 the image, so that it deselects the image, then move all of the media
18.45 across, so that you can fit the image into the start
18.50 and we can fade that in and
18.55 fade that out, which should create a fade transition between the title
19.00 and the video
19.05 And that looks good
19.10 Now there's another way to do titles
19.15 and that is just using the software itself
19.20 So if we go all the way to the other side, all the way to the end, and put in some end titles
19.25 So to create titles with the software, we're gonna select
19.30 the rectangle object so it takes up the
19.35 full screen, making sure you kine up the edges
19.40 and you're gonna change the background so that it creates
19.45 an opaque background, so that it covers the entire screen. So open
19.50 the properties panel, and you can take away the line
19.55 by reducing the size width to zero
20.00 take away the stroke and then adjust the background
20.05 the first part of the gradient, adjust the opacity, and then the second
20.10 side of the gradient and again adjust the opacity, this gives you a complete
20.15 opaque background for your scene
20.20 once you've done this adjust the
20.25 timeline so that you move the object to the very
20.30 end
20.35 and then we're gonna put some text on there
20.50 now this text you can write in what ever you want, you can put in credits or you can
20.55 just put "thanks for watching" which is what I've done, we're gonna press 'control
21.00 return' which will give you a new line within the text box.
21.10 Also what we're gonna do is adjust that,
21.15 obviously, to the centre and we can centre the
21.20 top line by just adding some spaces in there
21.25 we're gonna adjust the background
21.30 so increase the opacity of one side, and increase the opacity of the other side
21.35 and then we can colour it
21.40 and
21.45 colour the other side of the gradient
21.50 and we change the colour of this,
21.55 and make it etched
22.00 now we can add some space at the top and some space at the bottom by
22.05 hitting 'control enter' again
22.10 on the ends and on the begining
22.15 adjust the borders, give it a slight rounded corner
22.25 gonna put in some more text, you can put in whatever you like here, I'm
22.30 gonna put in a "follow us" on social media
22.40 remember 'control enter' to do a new line
22.45 Adjust the position, adjust the backgrounds
22.55 some etched text
23.00 looks quite good
23.05 put a little bit of space on the right side
23.10 by adding spaces and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna import
23.15 some images just some small icons that I've found
23.20 they will also be in the package folder
23.25 and adjust the position of the images
23.30 add another
23.35 one for Facebook
23.40 then get the same size, obviously,
23.45 by putting it over the top and adjust the size carefully
23.55 and that's it, that's your end title
24.00 now we're gonna select all of these to create a transition. I'm gonna do a 'cross dissolve'
24.05 or a 'cross fade', so I'm just gonna adjust the beginning of that to just over the
24.10 end of the video. I'm gonna change the fade in
24.15 from 0 to 100,
24.20 then I'm gonna change the video fade out from 100 to 0, over the
24.25 same duration, so that should do a
24.30 nice cross fade for the end titles
24.35 and that's it, once you've done the titles, that's the video completed
24.40 now you are ready to export, or to share
24.45 So the next step is to click the share icon in the bottom right hand corner
24.50 The share interface will appear, you can choose YouTube, which has all the YouTube categories. Vimeo
24.55 which has the Vimeo categories; or just the movie file
25.00 you can adjust your title, adjust the description
25.05 ardor adjust the tags, choose whether or not you have compatibility
25.10 with 'iDevices' and set your
25.15 resolution. Then simply click
25.20 'Share'
25.25 the video will start compositing
25.30 and encoding
25.40 once it's complete, it will open in quicktime
25.45 you can play the
25.50 video to check to make sure everything is correct, and scrub through it o make sure everything is there
25.55 and completes the follow along video
26.00 I hope you've enjoyed learning how to use 'iShowU Studio' and thank you for watching.
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