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iShowU Studio 1 Gesture Recorder FAQ


Q: I can't record 4 or 5 finger gestures! The app "goes away" / it zooms out / It performs some other thing on my iPhone/iPad.

Check that Multitasking Gestures is disabled in General Preferences on the device. If you do not, then the iShowU Gesture Recorder will not respond to some pinch & swipe gestures & four/five finger swipe's will cause the app manager to show.  

You really want this option off to get the most of the iShowU Studio Gesture Recorder.


Q: The gestures appear jerkey / aka: not smooth, in the iShowU Studio preview.

Make sure you have a good network connection.  The app sends gestures over the network, and bad/slow/intermittent wireless networks can cause poor recording performance.


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    Subin Han

    What is the ishowu ID?

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